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In today's world of ever changing technology, information technology plays a key part to your business success. Your network becomes the backbone of your business -a critical aspect that helps you compete and thrive. This is where Tangerine comes in!

Mission statement

Tangerine intends to challenge benchmarks in the communications industry. We plan to provide the market with innovative products and services to both corporate and general public. We find ways to “do what others don’t”.

Vision statement

Through our diverse professional skills, clarity of purpose and values, we aim to achieve number one position in the delivery of our services in the ICT industry to the population.

Our Approach

A Tangerine installation comprises a blend of best breed of technologies to provision a true Next-Generation Broadband Network in order to deliver services like: Internet Access, VPN Connectivity, Video Conferencing, Telephony, Security Surveillance, Access Control and any other Value Added IP based solutions.

Tangerine uses the best state of the art technology available internationally to create a network capable of providing the most cost effective broadband services to customers. The core of the technology is IP Based and acts as a networking transmission protocol for a total harmonic end to end solution.

Service and Solution
At Tangerine, we seek to deliver an adaptive network solution that enables your organization to evolve quickly, securely and successfully. The focus in our engineering is to remove the complexities from a networking infrastructure and therefore eliminating the concerns of technologically limited and notoriously expensive solutions and services. Tangerine incorporates in its solutions the following aspects that benefits your organization:

  • The aspects of security
  • Low total cost of ownership, 
  • Flexible connectivity options and
  • Low operational costs into a single platform.

Delivery and Support
Tangerine Base stations and server systems are securely integrated with redundancy on all access level to the core network.  We ensure uptime on our network of 99.7% coupled by a fanatic Site and On-Line support. Tangerine provides a customized service to subscribers who are currently on unstable Internet connection(s) and constantly prone to downtimes. 

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