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What you have been waiting for: fast, reliable and affordable broadband! has now arrived! Even better, Tangerine has developed a solution for your building to make it Internet Ready.

In todays world of ever changing technology, IT plays an integral part to your business' success. Your network becomes the backbone of your business -a critical aspect that helps you compete and thrive. This is where Tangerine comes in!

Tangerine's Offerings:
Tangerine had bundled a SMART-Building Solution for Commercial Buildings as well as Apartment Buildings, which reduces greatly the uptake cost of an Internet connection while maintaining Quality of Service for tenants/residents and offices. Unlike other offered building solutions, a Tangerine SMART-Building Solution completely automates the aspects of:

  • Data Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Network Security
  • Product Flexibility:  allowing clients to choose an Internet package of their choice at      no extra cost in terms of equipment or integration.
  • On-line Usage Statistics
  • Roaming Capability
  • 24Hr Excellent Customer Support
  • Technology Agnostic: This solution can work on WiMax and Fiber.
  • Scalability.

Benefits of SMART-Building Solution:

While developing this product, the objective was to deliver an adaptive network solution that enables your organization's network to evolve quickly, securely and successfully. All the complexities of networking have been removed therefore eliminating concerns of a technologically limited and notoriously expensive solutions and services. The benefits of the SMART-Building solution are:

  1. Low total cost of ownership by the Landlords and subscribers
  2. Flexible connectivity options
  3. Monthly Savings
  4. Lower implementation costs
  5. Service reliability, with over 99.8% network availability and uptime
  6. Short time to completion.
  7. On-line usage statistics available on real-time basis
  8. Roaming: Log onto Tangerine's network via WiMax, Fiber, Wi-Fi, Ethernet etc...

Over and above, subscribers in the SMART-Building are at liberty to choose from any one of the Tangerine's packages and Network Solutions.

Other services that subscribers in a SMART-Building have access to are:

  • VPN
  • Point to Point Links
  • Video Conferencing
  • Any customized solutions.

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the SMART-Building solution.

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